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Pricing options include daily rental, the IRE Rental Consignment Program, and the IRE Discounted Utilization Program.  Each program rate is designed to allow customers a flexible program that best fits their needs. Description of each program is outlined below:

*Daily Rental: Each unit’s daily rental rate is invoiced for the days you use.  Once the customer is through with the equipment, it is returned to IRE and the rent is then stopped and invoiced.
*IRE Rental Consignment Program: Our consignment program allows customers to keep a fleet of equipment at their facility.  Only the days the equipment is actually used within any given month will be invoiced.  The equipment stays at the customer’s facility.  Upon each shipment a Start/Stop sheet is filled out and forwarded to IRE.  When equipment is returned back to the customer’s yard, the Start/ Stop sheet is filled out showing the return of that equipment, and thus the rent for that equipment stops.  Only the days used for each piece of equipment are invoiced monthly.  GPS tracking used for monthly reconciling of Start/Stop sheets will be provided to each customer as backup.

 *The IRE Discounted Utilization Program: This is our most flexible, user friendly program combining the daily rental and IRE Consignment Program together.  The customer would be charged monthly for an agreed utilization percentage of the fleet while stocked at a customer’s location.  No Start/Stop sheets to fill out, no monthly reconciliations needed.  The customer decides what equipment will be stocked in their fleet and then, the agreed percentage of that fleet’s daily rates are charged on a monthly basis. Always know what your CCU costs are at each location with a fixed cost. For example, if a customer has 100 pieces of CCU equipment on consignment in their fleet, and the customer has agreed to 70% discounted utilization, the customer would be effectively charged for only 70 pieces monthly (even if all 100 pieces are in use).  The fleet can be increased or decreased at any time within allowances.