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​​​iRE'S Patent Pending "Dangerous Goods Offshore" IBC carriers will be available in single, double and quad configurations for 550 gal IBCs, and single, double, and triple configuration for 790 gal IBCs.  All of which will allow both overhead crane loading and forklift side loading, while maintaining solid sides, tops, and bottoms to acheive DNV certification for transporting IBCs containing dangerous liquid goods in an offshore environment.  These units provide uprecedented versatility in handling IBCs to the offshore industry!


Each piece of equipment and CCU is engineered and built in accordance to DNV 2.7-1 and is certified by DNV for true specification and compliance*. All DNV records of compliance are on file for review.  Custom decals with customer logos and/or information can be provided and applied to any consignment equipment prior to delivery.  Custom sized equipment can be built and provided per customer request. 

* All IRE equipment is DNV certified with the exception of custom subleased scaffolding transport baskets and purchased Lloyds registry certified DNV containers.